Téraèdre Éthique et paradoxes de l'accompagnement en santé, travail

Issu du colloque Éthique de l'Accompagnement et Agir Coopératif », organisé à l'université de Tours en mai 2016, cet ouvrage propose à un ensemble de praticiens de l'accompagnement, issus de champs professionnels et d'espaces géographiques diver


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Routledge The Social Cognition and Object Relations Scale Global Rating

The Social Cognition and Object Relations Scale Global Rating Method (SCORS G) is a clinician rated measure that can be used to code various forms of narrative material. It is comprised of eight dimensions which are scored using a seven p


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Springer Generative Mechanisms Transforming the Social Order

This volume examines how generative mechanisms emerge in the social order and their consequences. It does so in light of finding answers to general question posed in this book series: Will Late Modernity be replaced by a formation t


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SAGE Publications Ltd Understanding Relations

This book argues that public relations is not merely an organizational tool, but a powerful influence on social and political life. From carefully considered communication by multinational corporations, to government campaigns manage o


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Routledge Elementary Forms of Social Relations

Elementary Forms of Social Relations introduces the reader to social life as a perpetual quest by individuals to gain attention, respect and regard (status) accompanied by an effort to marshal defensive offensive means (power) to over


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Routledge Intergenerational Family Relations

This book offers a synthesis of social science and evolutionary approaches to study of intergenerational relations, using biological, psychological sociological factors to develop a single framework for understanding why kin help one anoth


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Springer Attracted to Conflict: Dynamic Foundations of Destructive Social

Conflict is inherent in virtually every aspect of human relations, from sport to parliamentary democracy, fashion in the arts to paradigmatic challenges in sciences, and economic activity to intimate relationships. Yet, it can becom


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Academic Press Social Relations Modeling of Behavior in Dyads and Groups

Social Relations Modeling of Behavior in Dyads and Groups covers software, interpersonal perception (adult children), the SRM with roles (e.g. in families), applications to non human research. Written in an accessible way, for


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Routledge Parent Youth Relations

Explore the most fundamental human relationship between parent and childWestern social science has long neglected to acknowledge that family relationships must always be examined from a culturally sensitive perspective. Parent Youth Relati


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Palgrave Macmillan Military Responses to the Arab Uprisings and Future

This book explains Arab military responses to the social uprisings which began in 2011. Through a comparative case study analysis of Egyptian, Tunisian, Libyan, and Syrian militaries, it why fractured, supported regime in p


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